Music Video Monday: "Catamaran"

Track: Catamaran
Artist: Bear vs. Shark
Album: Terrorhawk
Year: 2005

Admittedly, there's nothing special about the video for Bear vs. Shark's "Catamaran." It's simply live footage, interspersed with each other, and decorated with slides of color. It's basic, unimaginative and was the norm of 2003-2005 in music videos. Yet, it's probably the best way to properly represent the track. As hard-hitting and energetic lead singer Marc Paffi's signature growl/howl is, I'm not so sure it carries a video sans images of the band's live show. Seeing Paffi in action, and capturing the electricity of their performance via video, to me, is seemingly the only way this music video concept is completed effectively.

What kills me about this though is simply the fact that the band isn't around anymore. One of my favorite albums of all-time, 2005's Terrorhawk was one of the definitive achievements in post-hardcore. It blew me away on the first listen, and similarly effected a lot of others as well. It's hard to argue against all of its quick hits, explosive vocals and staggering range, and very few would bother refuting its excellence. Now, all we've got left to remember them are these impressive and show-stopping images. Enjoy.

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