John's Track of the Week: "Human Hands"

Song: Human Hands
Artist: Sondre Lerche and The Faces Down Quartet
Album: Duper Sessions
Year: 2006

I'll start off by saying, yes, I'm well aware that this was in Dan In Real Life, but I will not be discussing the film, because I believe the track can stand on its own. The Elvis Costello cover is a fun, jazzy number that Lerche executes to perfection, allowing his voice to dance along the engaging piano part. I actually like it better than the original. Now, don't chastise me, Costello fans. The original version still suffices, but Lerche's re-imagining of the song is superb. What was once a more awkward description of feelings is now a smooth and matter-of-factly list of what is on our narrator's mind.

For those interested in more work by the multifaceted Norwegian, see any of his work under his own name, or his releases with The Faces Down Quartet. While his Faces Down collections are more jazz-oriented, his music under Sondre Lerche is more geared towards rock. Either way, a good mix of genres for your collection. Also, be on the lookout for his new album, Heartbeat Radio, which will be released September 8th via Rounder Records.

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