Music Video Monday: "Grass"

Track: "Grass"
Artist: Animal Collective
Album: Feels
Year: 2005

We kick off another week of Animal Noises with another video. This time around, it's Animal Collective's "Grass." As per usual with the band, it's weird, has nothing to do with the song and is a bit trippy. Still, what else can you expect from these guys? For the past decade they've made a living out of redefining what we can consider rock and pop music, and turning it into pretty much whatever they wanted it to be. As many detractors as you may find, there are just as many supporters of what they do, even though "what they do" is still a loose term at that. If you're a fan, you'll enjoy this. If not, well, I can't make any guarantees.

Anyone who's prone to epilepsy may want to avoid watching the video for "Grass." Seriously. A blend of flashing colors, infrared lights and a bunch of Avey Tare's ink drawings are interspersed together into a rave-ish light display, deeming actual bodily features almost invisible. The 8mm negatives technique may not be appropriate for the mood of the song, but then again, who really knows that, and since when did it matter for these guys? Another testament to experimentation, we're spared being horrified or freaked out here (as we are in other videos), and rather, just leave the experience with questions. Maybe these lead us toward answers in the rest of their work, maybe they don't. Either way, it's a small part of a larger, impressive body of work worth noting.

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