New Sondre Lerche, "Good Luck"

I caught this last night on Brooklyn Vegan, but for some reason it slipped my mind until Stereogum put it up a little while ago. Sondre Lerche, the virtual soundtrack for Dan In Real Life, is coming out with a new album. For fans who know his work, it'll probably more resemble Phantom Punch than any of his orchestral arrangements. On this track, "Good Luck," he does the usual-- casual introspection and lightens the mood of what may have otherwise been a tense situation before we got there. Say what you want about him, but he does know how to make enjoyable and calming music. Check out the track below, via Stereogum, and look out for his new album Heartbeat Radio, out September 8th via Rounder.

Sondre Lerche- "Good Luck"

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