New Modest Mouse Video, "King Rat"

Taking a cue from Pitchfork, I will not be posting the new Modest Mouse video for "King Rat," which was partially-directed by the late Heath Ledger. As they have so aptly pointed out, and I foolishly needed to see for myself, the entire thing-- which tries to make a statement against hunting whales-- is just so gross and gory that I'd rather not subject readers to it if they don't have to/want to see it at this very moment. Basically whales start hunting people... I'm sure you can surmise a bit of what happens next for yourself. If you're interested in being totally disgusted for the next 20 minutes to an hour, then by all means, check it out over on the Myspace. As you probably know, No One's First and You're Next is out today, via Epic Records.

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