New Woods, "Rain On"

We kick off a new week here at Animal Noises discussing Woods' new track, "Rain On".  The band, hailing from Brooklyn (where there really aren't any woods), has made a name for itself with lo-fi psychadelic pop and freak-folk type stuff, that sounds like it's being played in the...(wait for it) woods.  Their new album, Songs of Shame, is due out next month (more on that when the time comes), and they've granted Stereogum (and others, I'm sure) a free preview of one of the tracks, "Rain On".  To me, it's a bit different from their older material, only in the sense that it sounds a bit less lo-fi, but still stays true to their usual sound.  It almost sounds like an early Shins b-side, which may be intriguing enough for you to want to hear it.  Songs of Shame is out April 14th via Shrimper/Woodsist.  Check the deal to listen/download below, courtesy of Stereogum.

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