New Death Cab for Cutie, "A Diamond and A Tether"

As promised, we're putting up the link to Stereogum's article about Death Cab for Cutie every day this week.  For those who missed yesterday's events, DCFC is premiering each of the five songs off of their forthcoming Open Door EP, on a day-by-day basis, over at Stereogum.  Since our relationship with the band isn't nearly as cozy, nor existent, we're simply sending people over there to check it out, as well as provide limited commentary on the track.

Today's new song, "A Diamond and A Tether," sounds like Death Cab gone folk, or at least Ben Gibbard gathering friends around a campfire.  The usual melancholy attitude flows through the track, with Gibbard harping on regret, amongst his other life difficulties.  It's pretty good, and definitely fits in well as a companion to last year's Narrow Stairs, rather than being included on it.  Check the deal at Stereogum here, and if you're interested in owning the album, remember to check out the pre-order at deathcabforcutie.com or Itunes.  The Open Door EP is out digitally on March 31st, with the physical release becoming available via Atlantic sooner or later.

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