New Death Cab for Cutie, "Little Bribes"

I'm sure most of the readership here frequents Stereogum, but in the off-chance some of you don't, they're having a special feature this week- premiering each of the five tracks from Death Cab for Cutie's forthcoming The Open Door EP, one by one.  Today, they've posted up the opening track, a number called "Little Bribes".  Anyone who has heard/seen Ben Gibbard's live show over the past two years will probably recognize it as "Casino Blues"; that song that didn't sound like Death Cab but was still a good listen.  It's very similar to the earlier versions, just more produced, obviously, so no complaints here as of yet.  

We'll be updating the site here with a link each day, as well as increasing traffic to Stereogum by directing people to their site.  Enjoy the track, and be sure to stop in all week for updates on the album, as well as our resuming our regularly scheduled broadcasting, now that vacations and traveling are over.  For those who want to pre-order The Open Door EP, check out either deathcabforcutie.com or Itunes.  The EP's out March 31st digitally, with its eventual physical release via Atlantic sometime in the near future.  Here's the link to Stereogum for today's song.

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