Manchester Orchestra Unplugged at Spin Magazine

Continuing with our recent news about Atlanta-based Manchester Orchestra, lead singer Andy Hull did a live acoustic performance of some of the band's new songs in Spin's NYC offices.  It's four songs, including "I Can Feel A Hot One," "I've Got Friends," "My Friend Marcus" and "100 Dollars".  Though hard to derive the exact nature of the tracks from stripped-down acoustic versions, I'd say the band is taking a slightly different approach.  If their new video for first single, "The Only One" is any indication of where they're headed though, I'd have to agree with Matt and say we're looking at a reincarnation of Neutral Milk Hotel.  We'll see though, I suppose.

Check out the live set for Spin here.  Manchester Orchestra's new album, Mean Everything to Nothing, will be out April 21st via Sony.

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