Matt's Track of the Week: "Accident Prone"

Song: Accident Prone
Artist: Jawbreaker
Album: Dear You
Year: 1995

Oh 1995, what an innocent time.  I can't honestly say that I even had any idea who Jawbreaker was when this record came out (I was 6 years old), but I have since made collecting music a full-time job, and I haven't skipped any of the classics.

Even though I would have to agree with most in saying that Dear You, as a whole, doesn't really stand up to their prior work on Bivouac and 24 Hour Revenge Therapy, "Accident Prone" is one of the band's all-time shining moments.  It highlights the full range and diversity of their sound, on an album full of fairly straight-forward 90s punk.  It has a perfect balance of energy and emotion that brings me back to the days when it wasn't uncommon to hear Brand New's Your Favorite Weapon and The Get Up Kids' Something To Write Home About blaring alternately from my bedroom.  Check it out below.

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