John's Track of the Week: "Alice Practice"

Song: Alice Practice
Artist: Crystal Castles
Album: Crystal Castles
Year: 2008

Changing things up a bit this week, I decided I would do something about electronic music, since that's usually Matt's thing.  "Alice Practice" by Crystal Castles is one of the standouts off of their self-titled 2008 debut, and funny enough, was an accident (or so they say).  Word on the street is that vocalist Alice Glass was doing a microphone test, and somehow, it spawned what is arguably the best track on the record, along with the attention the band needed to get signed to a label.  Regardless of what you think about semi-yelling female singers, ignore the vocals here and simply focus on the great sound and aesthetic the track provides.

Besides that, I feel that readers should probably know that the band was named after the Crystal Castle from He-Man spinoff She-Ra: Princess of Power, and not the popular Atari game of the same name.  Now that we've got that little bit of nostalgia out of the way, I'd highly recommend checking the deal below, as well as giving a listen to some of their other stuff.  The band is also notable for doing remixes for other artists, Bloc Party being one of them.  Anyone who wants to hear more, please consult their Last.fm page, here.

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