New Death Cab for Cutie, "I Was Once A Loyal Lover"

And we're back for another day of this.  As pretty much everyone has figured out by now, Death Cab for Cutie is premiering their new Open Door EP on a track-per-day basis over at Stereogum.  Since the tracks are available exclusively over there, I figured I'd say a little something about each and then provide a link to readers who'd like to go listen for themselves.  Today's song, "I Was Once A Loyal Lover," is another great track, one that I'm glad has seen the light of day.  Where yesterday's "My Mirror Speaks" harkened back to the old days of Death Cab, this song plays to the sound they've developed over the past few years, and refines it with their classic simplicity from the band's onset.  Once again, really glad to have heard this track, and I would definitely put it up there with some of the band's best work in the past five years.

If anyone hasn't been following along all week, you can give the aforementioned track, as well as the others, a listen here.  The Open Door EP is out digitally on March 31st.  For those who would like to pre-order said collection of recordings, go check out deathcabforcutie.com or iTunes.  If anyone wants to wait around for the physical release, it'll be out eventually, via Atlantic.

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