New Kevin Devine, "Carnival"

As many may or may not have heard, Kevin Devine's new album, Brother's Blood, unfortunately leaked in February, a full two months ahead of its scheduled release.  As disappointed as Kevin has been in that fact, however, he is still hyped up about its actual coming out party to the general listening public in late April.  Part of that, of course, includes talking to equally excited news folks, such as the good people over at Spin.  Devine recently sat down with them to talk about the new record and similar topics, as well as hand them an exclusive mp3, which all of us fans are free to download.  

"Carnival," a song Kevin claims is about bad dreams, is in fact, a ride of sorts.  The ups and downs, and overall moodiness of the track lends to the bizzaro-world circus feel one may get when imagining nightmare carnivals.  Even if you think you've heard all that Devine has to offer, trust me, I thought the same.  Brother's Blood, especially on "Carnival" and "Time to Burn (Another Bag of Bones)" vastly changes my perception of the artist (but more on that when the time comes).  Go to Spin to check out and download "Carnival," and be sure to follow some of the other links up on the page to download some other exclusive tracks from Kevin.  Brother's Blood is out via either Favorite Gentlemen or Brand New's Procrastinate! Music Traitors April 29th.

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