New Death Cab for Cutie, "My Mirror Speaks"

Now THIS is why I first started listening to Death Cab for Cutie.  Continuing our coverage of the song-per-day Stereogum premiere of DCFC's Open Door EP, we've got track three, "My Mirror Speaks".  Here, Ben Gibbard's voice seems to pick up some of its lost youth, the guitar in the background is bright and moving, taking the listener into a vast and open scenery.  To be honest, this song may be one of the band's best in years.  If you were a big fan of The Photo Album, you'll pretty much fall in love with this one.  Perhaps the next record can be more like this?  We can hope.

If you missed the details the past two days, you can listen to the latest track, "My Mirror Speaks," as well as the first two over at Stereogum.  Today's post is up here.  If you'd like to pre-order the album in digital form, you can do so at deathcabforcutie.com or iTunes.  The Open Door EP will be released online March 31st, with the physical album to be in stores via Atlantic sometime soon.

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