New Cursive Video, "From the Hips"

Regardless of how much people have liked, or failed to like Cursive's most recent effort, Mama, I'm Swollen, they're still a talented group at heart.  With that in mind, I actually enjoyed their new video for "From the Hips"- one of the songs off of the aforementioned new record.  The video plays to the track's subject matter perfectly, relaying the tough, awkward and sometimes irritating things that seem to go into the male-female relationship, and how it can cause you to lose sight of a lot.  Credit goes out to the guys of Cursive, who, I'm sure, had a lot to do with how this one came out in the end, and it shows.  Doesn't change my opinion of the record, but it does allow me to appreciate the song a bit more.  Enjoy the video below.  Mama, I'm Swollen is out pretty much everywhere, via Saddle Creek.

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