New Conor Oberst, "Slowly (Oh So Slowly)"

So I'm fearing we're never seeing another Bright Eyes record again.  Not that I don't enjoy Conor Oberst's frolicking with the Mystic Valley Band.  On the contrary, I like it quite a bit, as evidenced by my ranking it as the third-best album of 2008.  Still, I can't help but think that Oberst is no longer interested in making the edgy and experimental tunes that made Bright Eyes such a noteworthy band.  I hope I'm wrong.  Nevertheless, he's putting out a new record this May, entitled Outer South.  Many will probably recognize the songs on it from the late 2008 live shows played by the band.  They're previewing one of the tracks, "Slowly (Oh So Slowly)" over at their website at the moment.  I'd recommend checking the deal, and seeing what all the fuss is about.  Do it: conoroberst.com.  Outer South is out May 5th via Merge.

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