Music Video Monday: Local Natives' "Airplanes"

Track: Airplanes
Artist: Local Natives
Album: Gorilla Manor
Year: 2010

When just listening to the track itself, Local Natives' "Airplanes" doesn't necessarily sound like a haunting, mourning ballad. Rather, the track simply teems of regret and the desire to restart a once-lost love. A noble cause, the song is pleasant and simple, sticking out only at random instances, and keeping to the tempered pop flow of the rest of the record.

However, the video for "Airplanes" is an entirely different story. Opening up directly into a strange abandoned home, a haunting, haphazard song comes to fruition. Suddenly, the highs soar higher, the more quiet moments appear more desolate amidst the dust and picture frames. The stop-motion animation moves in time with the music and flitting strings, jumping eerily and elegantly at the same time. It's not a frightening turn of events, but rather, a natural one. These ghosts, for whatever reason, have some unfinished business, and thus are meandering throughout the house and their former belongings. The situation is filled with intrigue, as it transforms the song into a living, breathing soundtrack to the events unfolding. For those who'd like to check it out for themselves, please do below. Local Natives' Gorilla Manor is out February 16 via Frenchkiss.

Local Natives | MySpace Music Videos

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