Music Video Monday: Surfer Blood's "Swim"

Track: Swim
Artist: Surfer Blood
Album: Astro Coast
Year: 2010

The video for Surfer Blood's "Swim" springs upon viewers as unexpectedly as the track itself did last year. Adding an appropriately random collection of images to the haphazard and intense song, it is a narration of events which literally make no sense. Yet, given how caught off guard many were and have been by Surfer Blood's sound, perhaps it's appropriate, and almost expected for their video debut to act accordingly.

At the onset, lead singer John Paul Pitts is kidnapped from his bed and seemingly thrust into the day, without a clue (or pants). The subsequent events involve him attempting to find his bearings, watching his bandmates assault an old man and steal an ice cream cone from a little girl. This gives way to a chase scene that ultimately leads to Pitts thrusting himself into his own band's show, and taking the stage. Surely it won't make sense now, or ever, but I couldn't think of a better way to display the band's thrashing surf rock sound than the randomness that becomes this video.

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