Music Video Monday: Spoon's "Written In Reverse"

Track: Written In Reverse
Artist: Spoon
Album: Transference
Year: 2010

The grainy, black and white presentation of Spoon's "Written In Reverse" may seem like nothing special at first glance. In fact, even after watching it all the way through, most viewers will probably have little to say about it other than the fact that it was fun watching the band in studio. However, I feel the video is much more than that. It seems to be a statement to the band's different approach, both on this track, and the album as a whole.

While Spoon's latest album Transference appeared simple on the outside, it ended up being a fairly experimental and complicated endeavor once you spent some time with it. "Written In Reverse," the first single, seemed to be the epitome of this vibe, as the disjointed, rough piano number banged away at the keys amidst off-kilter guitar riffs. Less pop-oriented, and more bare-bones than projects past, the music could be heard in black and white. Literally, this translates to the video below, in a presentation that matches perfectly with the song it looks to represent. Check it out.

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