John's Track of the Week: Four Tet's "Love Cry"

Song: Love Cry
Artist: Four Tet
Album: There Is Love In You
Rating: 8.0

The electronic experimentation of the UK's Four Tet soars on his latest effort, There Is Love In You, which came out last week via Domino Records. Mixing hip-hop elements with dashes of post-rock and house elements, the entire album becomes a clinic in making effective, enjoyable instrumental music. The melodies are light and airy, but each possesses a distinct purpose, one which becomes more and more apparent as the tracks progress. Combined with superior production and sampling, the collection flirts with audible bliss.

The crown jewel of the album, however, is the single "Love Cry." Clocking in at just over nine minutes, the song encapsulates the album's emotion in the most effective manner possible. At times, it's complicated. At others, it simply swims within itself. It's equal parts jazz, hip-hop and electronica, all melded together to form a catchy, yet mysterious interlude. Rather than lurking, it wanders, floating through the motions piece by piece-- from the dusky introduction, to its fading, late night conclusion. Those who have not become acquainted yet will want to introduce themselves below.

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