John's Track of the Week: Local Natives' "Camera Talk"

Song: Camera Talk
Artist: Local Natives
Album: Gorilla Manor
Rating: 7.0

Given the increasing popularity of catchy indie pop in the mainstream listening spectrum, it's only a matter of time before Los Angeles' Local Natives blow up. To get ahead of the curve, we'll be discussing single "Camera Talk," in anticipation of their debut album, Gorilla Manor's U.S. release on February 16th. Yes, the album did come out in the U.K. in 2009, but since we're in the U.S., it will be included in our 2010 release coverage, and potentially beyond.

Using a formula that has worked so well for so may other acts over the past few years, Local Natives present "Camera Talk" as a poppy, playful excursion into the throws of young love or lust. With bright string inserts, a bright and jovial keyboard part and a fairly sunny overall disposition, the track bursts with energy and hope. Think Ra Ra Riot meets fun. or The Format. Vocalist Taylor Rice is a dead ringer for Nate Ruess, yet still stands out on his own-- obviously and unabashedly enjoying what he's singing about, and hoping his audience does too. Local Natives fail to do anything all that complicated here, but instead, inspire emotion-- in this case happiness and hopefulness-- in listeners, which can be just as effective.

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Media Reviews said...


They are best compared to the band Annuals

John said...

Appreciate the feedback-- However, I must say that I don't think the Annuals comparison really captures the energy and enthusiasm behind Local Natives' music. This is where the comparisons to Ra Ra Riot and fun. kick in. There are definitely similarities to Annuals, but none strong enough to warrant that band being the end-all, be-all reference point to Local Natives.