Though not necessarily the type of thing we usually talk about here, I felt obliged to discuss the recent, and unfortunate events (un)affectionately becoming known as #Blogocide2k10.

As some probably already know after reading multiple other blogs and music websites, Google, Blogger's parent company has apparently shifted their policy in regard to DMCA takedown notices and infringing content. While we do not post illegal or infringing links on this blog, nor have we ever purposefully done so, this swift adjustment in Google's policy is baffling. Like many other lesser blogs, we don't receive a whole lot of press releases and advance copies of mp3s, so when we cover something, it usually links to another blog that did have privilege to such material. If we do get the material ourselves, it has been provided to us by the label themselves, or by publicity people for the artist. This is also the case for many other blogs like us, some of which were taken down in the past day or so, and unjustly so-- see this detailed description of I Rock Cleveland's gripe with Google.

The question now begs, what does this do to blog hype, and internet buzz bands? Yes, I'm sure that the next Vampire Weekend, or Neon Indian will be discovered via Pitchfork or Stereogum, but why can it only be in those locations? In today's music world, people find out about artists not just from larger, more established media outlets and blogs, but from the little guys too. However, if this policy continues going after blogs that post legal content, that online ecosystem could cease to exist. Hell, this blog will cease to exist as well.

As I mentioned, we're not in favor of sharing and posting illegal downloads. That's why we don't have any up here. And we also understand the motives behind Google's actions. But there has to be a separation between the takedown of illegal and legal content. If a blog is sharing legal links, then by no means should they be deleted. If they have illegal links, I guess a warning about the change in policy would have been a better way to approach these individuals. Continued violations should certainly result in more serious punishment, but only if the blogs were knowingly and repeatedly posting up illegal content. Let's just hope this whole situation doesn't get any more out of hand than it already is.

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this is the bullshit. i got a goddamn veterinary exam