Music Video Monday: Vampire Weekend's "Giving Up the Gun"

Track: Giving Up the Gun
Artist: Vampire Weekend
Album: Contra
Year: 2010

It's safe to say this can be filed under "ridiculous," or perhaps will just stand as more evidence of Vampire Weekend's continued encroachment into the mainstream public's consciousness. Either way, the video for Vampire Weekend's latest single "Giving Up the Gun" serves as an entertaining, albeit confusing look into what's been going through the band's mind as of late.

There's a lot to take in with this one, so we'll get right to it. RZA is playing line judge to a tennis match between band pal Jenny Murray and Joe Jonas, who's not even the least-likely participant in the affair (somehow). Running through her competition, Murray eventually gets to play a whiskey-swigging Jake Gyllenhaal (how? why? all of the above?), yet defeats him handily. Lastly, she faces her own self-- usually the largest obstacle for most. After Lil' Jon gives her a pep talk in French she gets all charged up and destroys her alter ego. What follows is a celebration out of a Japanese game show. Mass confusion ensues as the internet explodes over searches for all the aforementioned role players, specifically Murray who just put herself on the map big-time. Enjoy below.

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