Most Prolific Artists of the Decade: #1-10

Our latest list-- the Most Prolific Artists of the Decade-- looks to chronicle the most important (for better or for worse) artists of the decade. For one reason or another, be it their positive (or negative) cultural significance, landmark moments for music, staying power or otherwise, these artists mattered a great deal this decade.

In no way is this a list of our favorites of the decade. On the contrary, many of our favorites are not present, while others whom we're actually not fans of, have made the list. So without further ado, check out our the fifth (and final) part of our Most Prolific Artists list below. Next to each artist's name, you'll see a basic numeric list of all primary recordings this decade. For many of these, their impact should probably be self-explanatory. Enjoy, and if you haven't yet read our list of the Best Songs of 2009, or Best Albums of the Decade, read up on those too.

10. T.I. -- 6 LPs (Most recent: 2008's Paper Trail)/2 EPs, P$C -- 1 LP (2005's 25 to Life)

9. Conor Oberst -- 2 LPs (Most recent: 2009's Outer South)/1 EP, Bright Eyes -- 8 LPs (Most recent: 2007's Cassadaga)/4 EPs, Desaparecidos (1 LP/1 EP), Monsters of Folk (1 LP)

8. Arcade Fire -- 2 LPs (Most recent: 2007's Neon Bible)/1 EP

7. Justin Timberlake -- 2 LPs (Most recent: 2006's FutureSex/LoveSounds), 'N Sync -- 2 LPs (Most recent: 2001's Celebrity)

6. Jay-Z -- 7 LPs (Most recent: 2009's The Blueprint 3)

5. The White Stripes -- 5 LPs (Most recent: 2007's Icky Thump)/1 EP

4. Lil' Wayne -- 5 LPs (Most recent: 2008's Tha Carter III)/1 EP/10 Mixtapes

3. Animal Collective -- 8 LPs (Most recent: 2009's Merriweather Post Pavillion)/4 EPs

2. Kanye West -- 4 LPs (Most recent: 2008's 808s & Heartbreak)

1. Radiohead -- 4 LPs (Most recent: 2007's In Rainbows)/3 EPs

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Martin said...

Ryan Adams?

elimatic said...

Lil Wayne? #4? please. He didn't reach super stardum until 07.

Here's How the list should actualy go.

Most prolific artists of the decade:

10. Outkast
09. Eminem
08. Linkin Park
07. Lil' Wayne
06. Justin Timberlake
05. Coldplay
04. Jay-Z
03. Brittney Spears
02. Kanye West
01. Radiohead

01.Raiohead, needs no explenation.
02.Kanye West kept hip hop and her creativity alive.
03.Brittney spears went from teen pop star to total freak. And always kept the spotlight on her.
04. Jay-Z will go down as a GOAT.
05. second only to Radiohead in alternative. which along w/ hip hop controlled the decade.
06. Similar to brittney, minus the craziness.
07. Lil Wayne, although came in the door rather late in the decade, but made a huge impact, for better or WORSE.
08. Linkin Park, a hybrid machine that had rockers and hip hoppers bamgin their heads. Also succesfully managed to switch their style up.
09. Eminem, highest selling rapper of all time.
10. Oukast, although on a hiatus for the past 5 years or so, have made arguablly some of the most creatvie music on the list.

John said...

Thanks for the feedback-- though I must say that your list seems to miss a big part of the point.

It's not about record sales or longevity. Rather, it's about the overall contribution to music-- and that's where many of the less mainstream artists get their due on this list. The main reason OutKast was not as high as you placed them was because of their lack of recent measurable impact.

elimatic said...

My list i previously posted is on impact on the decade. The artists that will make up this decade musical history. Which includes longevity but is not based on it. Record sales have become irrelevant this decade.

Sorry, but i guess i missunderstood your post.

on another note. i recently came upon your blog. and must say it's pretty cool.

John said...

Hey, no problem-- glad to get some feedback. Thanks for reading!