Best Albums of 2009: #26, God Help The Girl's God Help The Girl

Rank: #26
Album: God Help The Girl
Artist: God Help The Girl
Label: Matador

With multiple artists creating retro, or classic soundscapes as of late, many may start to wonder when it gets tired. Luckily, we're not at that point of saturation yet, and thus, can truly appreciate God Help The Girl. The charming, '60s-esque project, headed by Belle and Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch, is warm and familiar, and gives a nod to simpler times. Even better is how well the large collection of vocalists harmonize, especially with very little experience.

Though God Help The Girl is made up mostly of original work, there are some Belle and Sebastian tracks here as well. Old favorites "Funny Little Frog" and "Act of the Apostle" are reworked by the wonderful Brittany Stallings and Catherine Ireton, respectively, into sprightly love ballads that truly enhance the collection of gorgeous arrangements. Even with the concepts of lost love and loneliness playing consistently throughout, the album as a whole manages to be an upbeat and pleasant listen. Tracks like "God Help The Girl" and "Come Monday Night" shine with Ireton's -- sure to be a rising star at this point-- youthful glow, and classic-sounding voice. Unlike many of the releases of today, God Help The Girl is a timeless venture, literally enjoyable to music fans young and old.

Best Track: "Funny Little Frog"

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