Best Songs of 2009: #12, Grizzly Bear's "While You Wait for the Others"

Song: While You Wait for the Others
Artist: Grizzly Bear
Album: Veckatimest
Year: 2009

Grizzly Bear's brand of ominous, dreamy, chamber pop was taken to a new level this year with the release of their third full-length, Veckatimest. It showed them in a new place musically, with songs that spoke louder than any they had released previously. One of the songs that did the most talking was "While You Wait for the Others".

Its stuttering, build and break formula makes it an intriguing listen; swaying back and forth between quiet palm muted guitars, and a swirl of vocals, organs, and distortion. Like many of the songs from this release, it sees music returning to a masterful, gimmick free art-form, performed by passionate individuals with great vision. And that's why this one makes our list. Check it out below.

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