Best Albums of 2009: #3, Dinosaur Jr.'s Farm

Rank: #3
Album: Farm
Artist: Dinosaur Jr.
Label: Jagjaguwar

Dinosaur Jr.'s second album since their reformation, Farm, was an explosion of dirgy, melodic sound unlike anything they've ever put together. A soaring, bold statement to the band's continued longevity, the amount of power behind Farm's emphatic guitar work is staggering. Each and every song contains shredding, destructive solos that harken back to the band's earlier days. It's a true noise rock album, exquisite in its execution and ambition to defy age at every turn.

From singles "I Want You to Know" and "Over It," to the more sprawling "I Don't Wanna Go There," the emotion and energy is palpable throughout the album. Judging by the cover art alone, one can tell that J Mascis & Co. were looking to create a sonic world all its own. Lucky for its listeners, Farm succeeds mightily in this regard. The record climbs to heights never reached by the band-- a true testament to the band's expert ability to ignore their age and experience, and chart new territory for their career. Quite an achievement for the rock veterans this late in the game.

Best Track: "I Want You To Know"


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