Best of 2009: Movie Soundtracks

For the remainder of the year (save holidays and weekends, of course), we'll be sharing some additional lists of our favorites in music from 2009. Today, that lists is our top 10 movie soundtracks from films that came out this year. All of the songs don't have to be unique to the film however, so it's open for quite a few endeavors. This is also the only time you'll ever see Twilight mentioned in this space besides for being the awful, cultish collection of poor storytelling it's usually regarded as, and is.

(Top Track: Karen O and the Kids' "All Is Love")

(Top Track: Nicholas Hooper's "Opening")

(Top Track: David Bowie's "Cat People (Putting Out the Fire)")

(Top Track: Grateful Dead's "China Cat Sunflower")

(Top Track: Coconut Records's "Wires")

(Top Track: Elliott Smith's "Angel in the Snow")

(Top Track: Grizzly Bear's "Slow Life")

(Top Track: The Who's "I Can See For Miles")

(Top Track: The Beach Boys' "Heroes and Villains")

(Top Track: Doves' "There Goes the Fear")

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Kendra said...

great choice for #1!