Most Prolific Artists of the Decade: #31-40

Our latest list-- the Most Prolific Artists of the Decade-- looks to chronicle the most important (for better or for worse) artists of the decade. For one reason or another, be it their positive (or negative) cultural significance, landmark moments for music, staying power or otherwise, these artists mattered a great deal this decade.

In no way is this a list of our favorites of the decade. On the contrary, many of our favorites are not present, while others whom we're actually not fans of, have made the list. So without further ado, check out our the second part of our Most Prolific Artists list below. Next to each artist's name, you'll see a basic numeric list of all primary recordings this decade. For many of these, their impact should probably be self-explanatory. Enjoy, and if you haven't yet read our list of the Best Songs of 2009, or Best Albums of the Decade, read up on those too.

40. Miley Cyrus -- 2 LPs (Most recent: 2008's Breakout)/2 EPs

39. Grizzly Bear -- 3 LPs (Most recent: 2009's Veckatimest)/2 EPs

38. Ludacris -- 6 LPs (Most recent: 2008's Theater of the Mind)

37. Alicia Keys -- 4 LPs (Most recent: 2009's The Element of Freedom)

36. Sufjan Stevens --8 LPs (Most recent: 2009's The BQE)

35. Beck -- 4 LPs (Most recent: 2008's Modern Guilt)

34. Spoon -- 4 LPs (Most recent: 2007's Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga)/4 EPs

33. Leslie Feist -- 2 LPs (Most recent: 2007's The Reminder), Broken Social Scene -- 4 LPs (Most recent: 2005's Broken Social Scene)

32. Kelly Clarkson -- 4 LPs (Most recent: 2009's All I Ever Wanted)

31. Daft Punk -- 2 LPs (Most recent: 2005's Human After All)

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