Best Albums of 2009: #22, Here We Go Magic's Here We Go Magic

Rank: #22
Album: Here We Go Magic
Artist: Here We Go Magic
Label: Western Vinyl

Luke Temple's Here We Go Magic is a complete 180-degree turn from his material under his own monicker, and for that. we commend him. The small-time folk singer neglected using his more recognizable name and Grey's Anatomy-capital upon Here We Go Magic's release, and the results, unsurprisingly, garnered the project tons of cred in the blogosphere. Plus, something with this much raw and spacious, yet-fragile ambience could probably never withstand the light of day to begin with.

Mixing aspects of freak-folk, more mainstream folk and electronic effects, Here We Go Magic makes you feel like you're either underwater or in space for the entirety of the album. When it gives emotion, it does so ever-so reluctantly, maintaining its subdued, undisturbed nature. Still, it also manages to maintain an air of cool-- an odd juxtaposition that can't be effectively explained, but must really be heard to identify. The effort operates in a short wavelength. The lows (see "Nat's Alien") maintain a middle, neutral ground along with the highs (see "Tunnelvision") to create something that never gets ahead of, or behind itself. It simply exists, which is something rare in music today. If you haven't heard it yet, give it a try below.

Best Track: "Fangela"

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