Best Songs of 2009: #27, Julian Casablancas' "Left & Right in the Dark"

Song: Left & Right in the Dark
Artist: Julian Casablancas
Album: Phrazes for the Young
Year: 2009

When Julian Casablancas set out on his own to make a solo album, we knew whatever the outcomes was, it would at least be something interesting. He clearly has a knack for creating pop melodies. Before Phrazes for the Young's release, he was even featured singing on a Converse compilation and a song by The Lonely Island. Nevermind the full Strokes catalog.

"Left & Right in the Dark" is the album's standout. Its guitars sound like the strokes on pop, and Julian's soaring vocals are nothing short of a radio-friendly sonic attack. It's a unique sound for this year's list, but like many of our other picks, it's an example of an artist trying to do something different in today's crowded music scene. Check it out below.

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