Best Albums of 2009: #6, Dirty Projectors' Bitte Orca

Rank: #6
Album: Bitte Orca
Artist: Dirty Projectors
Label: Domino Records

Dirty Projectors' Bitte Orca is confusing, spacious and random. It lacks structure and genre identification. And still, for the many, including Beyonce's sister Solange, who happened to get it, the results were incredibly rewarding. Bitte Orca soars to breathtaking heights, and dives back down just as quickly. It harps on R&B and indie experimentation, among a host of other genres-- swimming in a sea of sound you'll struggle to assimilate to, but enjoy every second of.

Many have considered it the defining pay out for lead singer Dave Longstreth's tireless efforts over the years. Bitte Orca sounds like nothing he, nor just about anyone else has ever done. Longstreth's falsetto, combined with the heavenly vocals of Amber Coffman and Angel Deradoorian create a cacophonous symphony of freewheeling bliss. Songs like "Stillness is the Move" and "Temecula Sunrise" unleash a barrage of diverging vocal stylings and a bevy of electronic noise. As impressive as the singers all are though, the strength of the album comes from its broad and expansive array of instrumental experimentation, executed in haphazard perfection throughout. The best effort of the band's career, you'll be glad you stopped and listened to Bitte Orca.

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