Wilco (The Album) Now Streaming

For those anxiously, and curiously, anticipating Wilco's forthcoming effort, Wilco (The Album), your wait is over. After the album's unfortunate leak last night, the band is now streaming the entire record from their website. My initial evaluation of it is a solid piece of work- mixing elements of their past albums, while still moving forward as a band. But more on that when the time comes. Check out Wilco (The Album) at the Wilco site, here. The record is out June 30th, via Nonesuch. Also, check out the track listing below.

1. "Wilco (The Song)"
2. "Deeper Down"
3. "One Wing"
4. "Bull Black Nova"
5. "You and I"
6. "You Never Know"
7. "Country Disappeared"
8. "Solitaire"
9. "I'll Fight"
10. "Sonny Feeling"
11. "Everlasting Everything"

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