Super Mash Bros.

Hope everyone's enjoying their Mondays, and the new layout that's in the works here at Animal Noises.  Just wanted to add a quick note to your evening about a notable mashup artist whom I happened upon a few months ago, and just now acquired some tunes from.

Super Mash Bros. are Nick Fenmore and Dick Fink, obviously taking their name from the hit Nintendo video game franchise, Super Smash Bros.  Their first album, Fuck Bitches.  Get Euros., came out this past summer, but they've been getting a lot more notoriety about it lately around the interwebs, specifically various blogs and Last.fm.  For those interested in mash-ups, and perhaps are nostalgic for some 90s dance music (for those my age, think school dances- haha), I guarantee you'll enjoy this one quite a bit.  If you'd like to download the album, the guys are offering it up for free over at their website.  Check it out here.  Enjoy.

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