Music Video Monday: "Lay Me Back Down"

Track: Lay Me Back Down
Artist: Portugal. The Man
Album: Censored Colors
Year: 2008

First off, a happy Memorial Day to anyone out there reading this today.  This Monday, our music video feature brings us to the intro track from the album this website named as the #1 effort of 2008.  Portugal. The Man's Censored Colors blends an astounding mix of sounds to form what is a melodically appealing, and at times, breathtaking album.  However, all of that could not be accomplished without the tone-setter for the entire ordeal, "Lay Me Back Down".  Loud chords and interesting keyboards propelled this one to the forefront of my attention immediately last year, and the accompanying video should grab you as well.

The band, who are natives of Alaska, are playing a show out in the desert in this one.  We, and the band, encounter what seem to be native peoples, as well as some odd static entity.  Admittedly, it can get weird at times, but I'm never really surprised with this band.  Their abilities to put out such a large volume of high quality work in a short time frame continue to amaze many listeners out there, and this year should be no different.  The Satanic Satanist will be out July 21st, and though many of us were in love with last year's record, I'm not really expecting it to sound all that similar.  I guess we'll see though.  Stay tuned.

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