Video Monday: "Oblivion"

Track: Oblivion
Artist: Wintersleep
Album: Welcome to the Night Sky
Year: 2007

Another Monday, another video.  This week's feature is Wintersleep's "Oblivion", from their 2007 release, Welcome to the Night Sky.  I was first introduced to these guys when I saw them open for Wolf Parade, last summer in New York, and being that we haven't spoken about them yet, I felt this would be a good time.  They are truly, one of the most underrated bands around.

The meaning of the song itself is hard to grasp.  The lyrics read like a list of unrelated observations, made by an ADHD-stricken, chronic channel changer who's been watching the TV on mute.  And this is why the video is so fitting.  The shot opens in static, and then begins to rapidly change focus in a room full of screens.  Along with the band, the monitors are showing what appear to be video clips of cold-war era learning material, news reels, and cartoons.  This further adds to the overwhelming feeling of uneasiness that the song seems to project.  It strikes me as a metaphor for having too much on your mind to really process it all.  A very cool concept.  Check it out below.

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