Dâm-Funk Remixes "Summertime Clothes"

Glad to see that Animal Collective is employing some good judgment, and will be making my second-favorite song off of Merriweather Post Pavillion, "Summertime Clothes," the second single from the album. The bouncy and fun number was brought to Letterman last week, and a video should be out by July.  If the video for "My Girls" is any indication as to what we're in for, I'm intrigued.  Also being included with the single are remixes of the song by ZombyDâm-Funk, and L.D.  Expect all of that to happen on July 7th.  For now though, head over to Rappcats to check out Dâm-Funk's fantastic and spacey mix of the track for both streaming and downloading  Trust me, you'll enjoy it.


Gary said...

Blew my mind! Perfect for summer and the dance floor.

John said...

I'd agree. Looking forward to bumping this one all summer.