New Modest Mouse, "Satellite Skin" (Studio Version)

A couple of months back, we briefly discussed Modest Mouse's "Satellite Skin".  Now, the band has finally unveiled the studio version of the song, which will appear on both a 7" single out later this month, and their forthcoming b-side EP in August, No One's First and You're Next.  What surprises me most about "Satellite Skin" is how different it is from almost all of Modest Mouse's material to-date.  It's extremely accessible, very relaxed, and I might even call it rock and roll.  Still, it's a great track, and can't wait to hear it along with the other songs on the EP later this summer.  If you'd like to here the song- check out the band's Myspace page.  "Satellite Skin," along with "Guilty Cocker Spaniels" will be released on an orange vinyl (as well as on Itunes) on May 26th.  The other songs will supposedly be released on similar 7" records throughout the summer leading up to the full EP release.

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