Stuart Murdoch's God Help The Girl

Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian decided last year that he wanted to make an album and movie following a narrative he wrote about two girls and a guy.  After auditioning numerous young ladies, Brittany Stallings, Dina Bankhole and Catherine Ireton all got the job, and equal opportunity to contribute on an album which, from what I've heard in the clip below, is nothing short of intriguing.  I, like so many other fans of music, can always enjoy when someone decides to leave their comfort level in a natural progression, to produce something original or organic.  This seemingly fits the bit, in what I hear as a 1960s-style re-conceptualization of Belle and Sebastian, and life, in general.  If you're still skeptical, check out the short back story documentary about it below, and maybe you'll change your mind.  God Help The Girl is out June 23rd via Matador.  I'd recommend it.  See the website for more info.

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