New Busdriver, "Me-Time (With Pulmonary Pampsets"

I'll start by apologizing to anyone who is a music major/classically-trained musician.  Busdriver, who some may know as one of the co-collaborators on Nick Thorburn's post-Unicorns rap project Th' Corn Gangg, decided to use Mozart's "Sonata in A Minor" as a back beat for his newest single, "Me-Time (With Pulmonary Pampsets)".  The track, which utilizes his usual rapidfire wordsmithing, employs the aforementioned classical melody with a loud and steady bass to form what can be an interesting divulgence into namedropping and current economic woe after a few listens.  It's the second track off of the forthcoming Jhelli Beam, his eighth studio album, out June 9th via Anti-.  Check it out below, courtesy of Stereogum.

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