New Kanye West Video, "Amazing" (Feat. Young Jeezy)

I'll tell you, Kanye West is one busy guy since the start of 2009.  Touring all over the place, defending his ego (and love of fish sticks) from those crazy guys of South Park, and making videos for most of the tracks off of his most recent effort, 808s and Heartbreak- it's a lot.  He's also apparently done with making music for a little while and will go into fashion, but that's just what's on his mind for the time being.  For all we know, Kanye will run for elected office in 2010.  The guy's fairly unpredictable, and lately, seems a bit less stable than normal (I could be wrong there, but I, like many others, have noticed a lot of odd behavior).  Still, I do like his recent do-it-yourself approach to things, so this next video, though probably not inexpensive, is novel (sort of).  Check out "Amazing," which features Young Jeezy and was shot on location in Jamaica, below.

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