New Sonic Youth, "Sacred Trickster"

Admittedly, I'm not a huge fan of Sonic Youth's more recent material.  I feel it all pales in comparison to 1988's Daydream Nation, but that may just be a personal thing.  However, I will say that I like where the band's new album, The Eternal, is headed, and that's where we'll be starting off this week's content.  The opener, "Sacred Trickster," harkens back to the Daydream Nation days, just not as noisy (a bit disappointing, but it's only one track).  It's a nice pace-setter, and hopefully, the rest of the album follows suit with a similar level of noise.  For those interested in the rest of the album, The Eternal is out June 9th via Matador.  Below is an mp3 of "Sacred Trickster," courtesy of Stereogum.  Enjoy.

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