John's Track of the Week: "Happy Up Here"

Track: Happy Up Here
Album: Junior
Year: 2009

Since we do have lives outside of this site, it is often difficult to review more than one album per week.  With that in mind however, there's no reason why we can't talk about good music after it is released to the general public.  This is where "Happy Up Here" fits in.  As the opening track for Norwegian electronic pop group, Röyksopp's new album, Junior, the song throws you right into the synth-powered dance party that comprises the remainder of the record.  It's a great tone-setter, and harkens listeners to the group's hit 2001 effort, Melody A.M. However, overall, "Happy Up Here" is part of very different record entirely, as Junior appeals to a much broader crowd in my opinion, especially in the midst of the current dance-pop craze going on within the indie scene.

For those who may not already be associated with Röyksopp, they are a Norwegian electronic pop group (as mentioned earlier), existing since 1998.  Though they may not be known throughout the U.S., they are extremely popular in Europe, even winning the MTV Europe Music Award for best video in 2002.  Many will probably also know some of their earlier work, "Remind Me" and "So Easy," from the early Geico "Caveman" adds and T-Mobile UK commercials, respectively.  If you enjoy a good beat and feeling like you're sitting in an Eastern European rave club, this is probably your jam.  Even if you're skeptical though, I'd still give it a quick listen below.

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