New Passion Pit, "Moth's Wings"

I'm sure Matt would have posted this if he had seen it, but since I happened upon it over at Stereogum, I figured I might as well toss it up here.  Passion Pit has a new album, Manners, coming out soon, and with that are, of course, new songs.  One of those is "Moth's Wings," a slightly lo-fi, catchy pop track that has all of the earmarks of being one of everyone's favorites by year's end.  To me, it sounds like a mix of Belle and Sebastian and The Shins.  Regardless, I'm sure you'll enjoy the track below, courtesy of Stereogum.  Manners is out May 19th via Frenchkiss here in the U.S.

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Andrew said...

Ah! I've been looking for this!