New Bat for Lashes, "Daniel (Lo Fi Version)"

The ear-pleasing and melodic Two Suns, by Bat for Lashes has been one of the talks of the music blogosphere thus far this year.  The album, complete with energetic, haunting and moving tracks, is a treat for any listener, and highly recommended.  If you already own it, or if you're planning on it, trust me, you'll want the following information.  

If you've got the physical CD, or plan to buy it, head over to pushentertainment.com.  Once there, you should put the CD into your computer's disc drive, then fill out the form.  Afterwards, you'll receive the eerie, yet familiar, stripped down version of "Daniel," the song that everybody's already raving about, with more praise to come, I'm sure.  If you'd like to hear the track before going to get it, check out the video of the band performing that version of the song below.  Two Suns is already out all over the place via Astralwerks.

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