New Crystal Antlers Tracks, "Little Sister" and "Dead Horses"

Most probably recall Long Beach's thrashing psych-noise rockers Crystal Antlers, either from last year's Tentacles or 2008's EP. Yet, the band we see here appears to be a different group-- almost entirely, from the sound of "Little Sister." Embracing more hooky, balanced pop sensibilities, the band plays to a Julian Casablancas croon, rather than the off-kilter, loud display fans are accustomed to. Even "Dead Horses," which utilizes much of their old attack, still seems to possess these lurking pop wishes. Melodic, and reserved for the most part, the songs are sure to surprise those who've heard the band at all during the past few years.

You can hear both tracks over at Crystal Antlers' website, and download them there as well, or through this widget the band's provided below (for the price of an email address). The "Little Sister/Dead Horses" 7" will be self-released on March 9.

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