Matt's Track of the Week: Drake's "Over"

Song: Over
Artist: Drake
Album: Thank Me Later
Rating: 8.0

At this point, everybody knows Drake. He's the fastest rising, young star in Hip-Hop, and a promising talent for the future of the genre as a whole. He has already had a handful of hits to his name without ever putting out a proper album, and his long-awaited debut full-length, Thank Me Later, is now just on the horizon. In the lead-up to what may very well be year two of Drake-mania, that album's first single has just hit airwaves, and the results are bold.

Like many of the other songs we've heard from Drake since he entered the mainstream consciousness, "Over" features his signature laid back singing style, partnered with larger than life orchestral arrangements on the hook. Where Drake changes things up is in the way he attacks once the beat drops. Here he seems more intense and more focused than ever before, assuring us that if we still have any doubts, they will soon be resolved, and that this is just a taste of what is in store. "Over" is a statement more than anything, and a fitting lead-off single for one of this year's most anticipated releases. Pitchfork has posted it for free download, so you can stream and/or grab it below.

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