Music Video Monday: Pantha du Prince's "Stick to my Side"

Track: Stick to my Side
Artist: Pantha du Prince
Album: Black Noise
Year: 2010

The shortened video for the nearly eight-minute "Stick to my Side" is as strange and random as the sounds that inhabit it. The track, off of Pantha du Prince's latest-- Black Noise-- is a layered, jangly piece that zigs and zags through its bells and background beats with the help of Panda Bear. On the song itself, his vocal stylings are more the sidebar to an otherwise instrumentally-focused number. However, in its visual presentation, one may see that his presence is more of an influence on the video itself.

Watching the happenings of some sort of tree person, we see oddness and mystery. He lives in the woods (obviously), and interacts with another tree person, and this human being. The human being doesn't find it weird that he's a tree person (somehow), only because this is Pantha du Prince's music video, and he can do whatever he wants with the world he's created. Overall, the entire, random affair kind of reminds me of a mix between Grizzly Bear's "Ready, Able" from last year and Animal Collective's "Peacebone." Being that Panda Bear is part of Animal Collective, and had a hand in the video for "Peacebone," I wouldn't think it'd be too farfetched to draw a comparison. Would you? Check it out below, and make your own assumptions.

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