Music Video Monday: Summer Camp's "Ghost Train"

Track: Ghost Train
Artist: Summer Camp
Album: Ghost Train 7"
Year: 2010

Simplicity, or at the least the appearance of it, seems to be the norm in 2010 thus far. Same goes for Summer Camp's "Ghost Train," a track that whistles with the breeze as it methodically floats through its progressions. Yet, the song still manages to capture the imagination. Maybe its the goofy nostalgia, corny 70s background, or even "Reading Rainbow" (the show, not the band) vibe it seems to give off that makes the song just so enthralling. But the wispy dream pop track nevertheless manages to capture all our your senses and never let go.

This effect is achieved tenfold on the video for "Ghost Train." Taking its footage from 1969's Last Summer, the images of young love and the joys of teen beach vacations touch a nerve with most viewers, and keep you attentive. It's a wonder we don't see techniques like this employed more often. But then again, it's probably not all that easy to gain the rights to non-indie films, so the dearth of videos like this one probably makes sense. If you'd like to purchase the single, you can look forward to it coming out in April, via Moshi Moshi. Both the video, and the track can be found below. Plus, check out the band's blog for all kinds of odd pieces of yesteryear.

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