John's Track of the Week: T.I.'s "I'm Back"

Song: I'm Back
Artist: T.I.
Album: I'm Back - Single
Rating: 8.0

This song isn't necessarily that new (it's been around for a couple weeks), but nonetheless warrants a discussion since we haven't yet delved into T.I.'s first comeback single. "I'm Back," T.I.'s initial foray back into the rap game after his yearlong incarceration for gun possession, is fairly self-explanatory. He was gone, now he's not, thus he's "back" as the song's title and main theme suggest. But it's not necessarily that simple.

The logic behind 2008's Paper Trail was to ensure T.I. wouldn't be forgotten by the mainstream public during his year away. Business-wise, it was a smart move. The best hip-hop album of 2008 (per this blog's opinion at least) provided people with a steady slew of guest stars, radio singles and tons of potential for repeat listens. Now, he's returned explaining to you what he's allowed to happen over the course of the past year (mostly begrudgingly), and with Paper Trail on your mind, you'll actually perk up your ears when he attempts to rectify the situation. With copious amounts of material, and a newfound chip on his shoulder to boot, chances are we'll be hearing a lot from T.I. prior to the formal release of his next studio effort on August 24. In the meantime, check out the single below.

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